How AI is Revolutionizing HR Functions Today?

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Priyanka Prashob
Priyanka Prashob is an organizational psychologist with 6+ years of experience in the field of Content and Psychology. She is a passionate writer and has authored 2 books. She has designed content for corporate training programs, worked on organizational behavior reports and numerous individual personality assessment reports. Several research articles written by her are published on platforms like Academia and Research Gate. The articles have gained recognition and appreciation from universities, academicians, and researchers across the world.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the workplace in significant ways. And HR is no exception. AI without a doubt is revolutionizing HR functions in many ways! Recruiters are using AI today to expand and improve their workforce. AI applications are not meant to replace human beings but are helping HR to find the best candidate possible for open job positions.

Not just that AI in fact is helping HR to automate certain mundane tasks. Thereby, giving them more time that can now be focused on future planning, improving workplace culture and employee experience, and so much more! Let’s look at the different ways AI is revolutionizing HR functions today!

The AI and HR Bond: 6 Ways AI is transforming the way HR functions

1.Simplifying candidate screening, follow-up, and onboarding process

With AI revolutionizing the HR functions, especially the recruitment operations – applicants today can interact with an AI personality to submit their resume, answer basic questions, and pass preliminary screening tests. By delegating all of these functions to an AI system, recruiters can save so much time – especially in terms of short-listing candidates. In other words, they can draw applications from a larger pool without having to go through the extra pain of trying to find out which 20 out of 500 candidates might be worth calling back for an interview. Because AI recruiting systems can take care of this task for you with a greater efficiency rate! Did you know? Amazon is using  AI to help recruit candidates for their open job positions. 

However, all said and done – these AI systems can have flaws too – just like people! However, the good news is, as AI is evolving, so are the ways in which it can help HR functions. Also, there is extra focus on how to resolve these errors and make the AI system more efficient. 

2. Employee engagement and development 

HR has surpassed the role of – ‘hire and fire’! Today, HR is all about enhancing employees’ experience and improving workplace culture – all while driving business growth. In other words, the future of HR will greatly depend on 2 key factors: employee experience and personalized engagement. Fortunately, AI is playing a huge role in simplifying this journey for you as well as your employees.  Today, AI can be effectively woven into HR functions like an employee’s onboarding program. For instance, employees who have just joined the company may feel lost at times. And those who want to connect with other employees or need more information about the organizations or job role etc. might not know where to go. This is where conversational AI for the HR system can help a great deal. Not just in terms of helping them connect to other employees but also in terms of resolving employee queries of any kind. Which otherwise would have cost them a great deal of time to figure out whom to approach in the first place!

To be precise about this technology, AI can be used in chat form, email, or a virtual meeting room. And it can also be used to book a meeting/appointment between HR and the employee.

3. Boosting learning and development programs

Today, upskilling is a necessity more than a  privilege! Employees need to keep learning and improving their professional skills on a constant basis. And AI can help you successfully plan, organize, and coordinate training programs for all your employees.

A recent study indicates that the average business spends at least $1,000.00 per employee per year on training. AI systems today can not only help you facilitate courses that guide an employee through new materials. But can also create assessments that are tailored to that employee. In short, AI today can help you scale a career development program or company coaching for all your employees.

4. Powering workforce analytics

According to the recent Forrester finding, organizations today are turning to workforce analytics and planning where AI and machine learning are becoming even more apparent! AI is revolutionizing HR functions mainly in terms of empowering leaders to solve problems and make more informed decisions that directly impact employee and organizational success. For instance, using real-time analytics like the employees’ absence, open shift, unplanned schedule change, etc. will help you make informed decisions and deal with future issues even before they arise.

In addition, using AI in the acquisition process not only makes the process faster but also helps in making better decisions. Thereby, saving a lot of costs incurred due to poor hiring decisions. 

5. Automating mundane HR tasks

There are a lot of mundane HR tasks that if automated – can save a lot of time for HR professionals. For instance, filling in forms or responding to inquiries about company policies, payrolls, employee data, report generation, data management, etc.  These tasks, though important, can be really very time-consuming! However, AI systems can take over these mundane tasks easily. All you have to do is program the AI system to perform these tasks. This way, HR professionals can save a lot of time which they can now focus on driving business growth and improving workplace culture & efficiency.

6. Employee retention

Retention has been and is one of the major challenges that HR faces! Retaining talented employees is as difficult as hiring. In an effort to retain your best employees – it’s critical you understand the needs and requirements of your employees. The good news is, AI can help analyze and predict your employees’ needs. In other words, the AI-based analysis can help you understand individual preferences and employee performance. And also help you identify who should get a raise without any bias. Not just that it can also help you predict who is most likely to resign. That is, by tracking each employee’s computer activity at work, AI can determine who may be looking to leave the company. As invasive as it may sound – AI can also identify workers who are bored, disengaged, unproductive, or seeking other job opportunities. Though these systems already exist and since there are privacy concerns – it would be interesting to see how this particular AI function will turn out to be in the future. Only time will tell!

In short, retention-oriented AI technologies allow HR teams to prepare individually adapted feedback surveys, reward systems, and recognition programs with an aim to engage and retain employees.

In conclusion:

AI is indeed a superhero saving industries, companies, and employees a lot of time, effort, and money. Without a doubt, AI is revolutionizing HR functions – simplifying the way HR operates. AI today is helping HR with gathering and analyzing crucial data that can help them perform better and efficiently. What are you waiting for? Explore which HR functions you could apply AI to and maximize results! Get started with your AI journey.

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