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Latest News

Remote Work ‘an Overwhelming Success’ for Employers, Employees

Automation is likely to be accelerated by the pandemic, particularly in jobs with "high viral transmission risk," as per a paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Aviva to Close Offices in Hybrid Working Plan

Aviva has announced the closure of offices across the UK alongside plans to allow staff to work from home, beyond Covid restrictions.

Biden Signs Directives to Promote Racial Equity, Champion Pandemic Measures

The president was expected to sign 17 executive actions that include orders, memorandum, and agency directives during his first day in office.
The chancellor is looking at options to extend the job retention scheme into the summer as the latest lockdown is likely to continue for several months.

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5 Tips to Ensure Fair Remote Work Performance Review

Remote work performance review can be overwhelming! To help you make these performance review sessions stress-free and fair, here are some tips.

Tech Solutions That Ensure Employees’ Safety

With employees returning to offices, organizations across are embracing tech solutions that ensure employees’ safety in this COVID-19 era.

Prioritizing the Well-Being of Your Employees in the New Work Reality

COVID-19 is posing new and unique challenges. Our daily routines are disrupted causing anxiety, stress, and physical and mental strain. Working from home requires...

Designing an Effective Return-to-Work Strategy

As the economy today continues reopening amidst Covid-19, businesses are faced with the task of figuring out how to successfully transition employees back into...

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